5 Best Ways to Make Money Online with Telegram in 2021


Telegram is one of the best messaging services. However, its user base is great in numbers, but many users still don’t know how to use it. For it, we had covered this in our previous articles. In this article, we will cover How to make money on Telegram. As there are so many ways to make money online with Telegram, but we will cover only the 5 best ways to make money on the Telegram app.

5 best ways to make money online with Telegram - Telegram Groups

How to Make Money Online with Telegram:

Telegram’s core functionality is the same as any other messaging app. You can message other Telegram users, Create Telegram groups, Call Telegram contacts, and send huge files and creative stickers. Do you know you can make money from Telegram? Yeah, you heard right, you can make money on Telegram. I will tell you such methods from which you can easily make money through telegram channels.

You can easily make money on Telegram by these methods.

1. Selling Ads to make money online with Telegram channels

This is a very popular and common method. In Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, and Iran, ads are sold in Telegram channels. Channel admins settle through agreement and use automated ad exchanges where ads are sold. Ads can be sold to other channels for cross-promotion, and ads can be of companies and brands.

2. Make money through subscription fee method

It’s a trendy method of getting paid. You can make channels that contain premium content and then you can charge the members a small fee to get benefit from your channel. There are two different methods for making money on the telegram channel. The first one is for the public channel; in this, you give content to the public and put ads to earn from it. The second one is for private channels, and if you have premium content, then you can share it on your Telegram, and the user will access content by paying a small subscription fee.

3. By Donations Earn money from Telegram

Most of the content creators are using this method to earn money like on streaming platforms. Many content creators nowadays create content for free and publish it on telegram channel, then ask for donation by monetizing those content if you are good at something or can create trending content like memes or short movies you can earn from it.

This method is also popular on other platforms like YouTube, Blogs, Websites, WeChat, etc. This is slowly becoming popular in Telegram.

4. By Affiliate Marketing Earn commission

This method is one of the best strategies and mostly recommended for earning money from Telegram. If you are good at Product Hunting, you can create an affiliated account on famous E-Commerce platforms and then share product links with your affiliated links to the subscribers of your Telegram Channel. This way, when someone buys the product through your affiliated link, you will get the commission from it.

5. Make money by Paid posts

In the paid post’s method, a client pays you for posting his/her ads in your telegram channel. Yes, it may sound a bit strange, but it’s true. It is one of the Digital marketing skills. There are thousands of people looking for Digital marketers to Boost their sales in the market. Clients give money to the marketing expert and tell him to post on certain telegram channels. In this way, they can reach more potential customers and boost their sales.

In specific Telegram channels, there are niche job boards. Such job boards exist in the Telegram Channels, which allows the clients to post a job on paying or their ads for specific products on a fixed fee.


This article will help you understand the Telegram app and make you aware of how to make money online with Telegram. The best ways to make money on Telegram are the Subscription method and Affiliated marketing. For example, there is a lot of Telegram movie channel which works on subscription method. You can post Premium videos or pictures because of Telegram Huge file size support. If you have so many numbers of people in your Telegram movie channel, then you can start making money from it now.

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