Top 10 Telegram Tricks and Secrets You Should Know


Here we are going to talk about some tricks and secrets about the telegram app. As we know that telegram is the best IM (Instant Messaging) client out there and a lot of you guys are going to agree with us considering the rapid growth and the user base out there. The interface is quite different from WhatsApp and obviously those lots of features kind of get unnoticed in that UI of telegram.

Top 10 Telegram Tricks and Secrets You Should Know

Hidden Telegram Tricks and Secrets 

Today we are going to talking about 10 of the super coolest and great features that telegram packs-in that every user should know about. If you want to know how to create the best Telegram groups and Telegram Channels, then our previous post has got you covered.

1. Chat Folder

So, kicking things off we have chat folders which is a super cool and easy way to organize your chats. It allows you to categorize your telegram group chat into different labels. To do so just open the hamburger menu and move to settings-folders here tap on create a new folder and give a name like personal, work, fun, unread, etc. After that just add the chats that you would like to appear in this folder, and that’s it.

2. Edit sent messages

We all hate it when we are sending a long message, and we make a typo, right! Well, thankfully telegram gives you the option to edit your sent messages as well, unlike Twitter. All you have to do is select the message and tap on the edit icon at the top, and you can easily edit the message. Now just remember that it will show you an edited label once you’ve made the changes, but I think that’s a fair tradeoff.

3. Silent Messages

It is one of the best Telegram tricks and secrets that would come in handy. Telegram also offers a new feature that’s called silent messages. This basically allows you to send a message to any one of your contacts without giving them a notification. The phone on their end won’t ring or vibrate or any sort of thing, this comes in really handy if you’re trying to contact someone who you know is going to be busy in a meeting or whether he or she is studying and, you don’t want to disturb them. However, you still want to pass on some kind of information. So, yeah that’s what this feature comes in super handy to do so all you have to do is type out your message and then tap and hold the send button here choose to send without sound, and you’re done.

4. Scheduled messaging

Now another great thing about telegram is that you can even schedule messages. I’ve used this feature countless times to just wish people a happy birthday at midnight without actually being up. To schedule a text type out your message and then tap and hold on the send button and then tap on schedule message, now just pick the date and time, and the message will be sent at your preferred time.

5. Quick Search

Telegram actually allows you to easily search for YouTube videos and gifs right inside the app without having you to actually switch to YouTube or any other gif provider. All you need to do is type @YouTube, followed by my search query, and the list will pop up. You can even use the search for searching gifs as well by just typing @gif followed by your search, once you find what you like just tap on it and you can easily share it with your contacts.

6. Selectable Text

 Telegram also allows you the ability to select a part of a message. This comes in really handy when a single message contains a lot of details, and you just need to copy a selected portion of that message to do so.  Just tap and hold on a message to select it first and then again tap and hold to select your part of the message and voila, it’s done.

7. Uncompressed Media

So, by far my favorite reason why I keep using telegram over. WhatsApp is the fact that I can easily share media files without having to worry about compression of any sort. You know photos videos and what not can be shared on telegram without their size being distorted like WhatsApp. Now to do that, just select your media and tap on the three-dot menu after that tap on send without compression, and that’s it, isn’t that cool.

8. Private Lock

This feature is helpful for both but primarily most helpful for iOS users. Android devices usually come with third party or even first-party app lockers, but on iOS, there is no app locking facility available. You just have a passcode for your device, and that’s it. Thankfully telegram has an inbuilt secret passcode for basically locking out your chats. To lock a chat just go to settings privacy and security then tap on passcode lock and enable it. Once you create a passcode and enable it, you’ll be ready to lock and unlock your chats by tapping on the lock icon at the top right. That way you can let someone use your phone without having to fear that they’ll access your private chats.

9. Telegram Secret chat

Now you must be thinking, what is telegram secret chat? Taking this one step closer to secret-chat. Now what secret-chat does is that while usual chats are end-to-end encrypted, secret chats are user-to-user encrypted. The chats are never stored on telegram servers, and they are periodically deleted on their own. To start a secret-chat, you can either tap on the option within the hamburger menu and select a contact with whom you want to start a chat. Alternatively, you can go to an existing chat tab on the top bar for the user’s information and scroll down to find the start secret-chat option. Once you tap on the option the other person will have to accept your invitation to initiate the secret-chat, and that’s it.

10. Themes

lastly, one of our biggest complaints with WhatsApp has been sorted on telegram, which is the ability for theming. Not just predefined themes telegram offers you full freedom to customize your app the way you want it to be. To create your own theme, just go to settings then chat-settings theme, and then tap on create a new theme. Add a custom name of your theme and then proceed on to customize each and every element of the chat as per your liking and color preference. Further, you can easily change the telegram background of the current theme.


So, that was it, and I hope you understood the best telegram tricks and secrets. There are plenty of other features of Telegram that we will cover-up in the future. Until then You can check our related blog regarding Why Telegram is better than WhatsApp so if you want to check it out.

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