7 Reasons Why You Should Use Telegram Over WhatsApp in 2021


We all use WhatsApp and it is one of the most popular messaging applications in the Play Store with over five billion downloads but today in this blog I’m going to tell you seven reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp.

7 Reasons Why You should use telegram over WhatsApp in 2020

Well, I’m quite sure after reading this blog you might think of installing Telegram on your smartphone once.

Share Huge Data Files:

If you want to send a large file to your friends in WhatsApp, you can send only up 100 MB of the file. This means you won’t be able to share any large video files with your friends but when it comes to telegram you can send up to 1.5 GB of file. This means you can easily send any large files or even you can send any number of movies to your friend without even compressing it. This feature is really handy and super useful.

Cloud-Based Messaging Service:

Telegram is a cloud-based massaging service app. This means every single message that you send out is not stored on your smartphone but instead, it is stored in the data centers of telegram. So, it saves you from a lot of trouble if you are planning to change your smartphone in the future. All you have to do is just download and install telegram in your new smartphone and then log into your account. That’s it every single message that you ever sent including all the images and video files will be already there in your new smartphone. It is pretty cool right!

No Number Sharing:

One of the biggest concerns in WhatsApp is that, if you want to chat with someone then you have to share your mobile number with them. Well, many people are not even comfortable sharing their numbers with the people they meet for the first time. Well in this kind of scenario telegram has one easy solution which is, you don’t even have to share your number instead you just need to share your username and another person will be able to search you and find you. So, if you are concern about sharing your personal number then a telegram is perfect for you.

Join Unlimited Number of Channels:

One of the main reasons why most people use telegram is you can join as many channels as you want. So, instead of joining those unwanted groups in WhatsApp, you can join some very useful channels in telegram for example if you want to watch movies so there are thousands of channels related to movies. In these channels, you can easily download movies that are being shared and you can also share movies that you want. Likewise, you can also search and join some very useful channels in telegram as well.

Use Multiple Accounts:

Do you know that telegram lets you use multiple accounts in just one app? For example, if you have two different numbers, one is for your work and one is for your personal life then you can easily add those two different accounts in just one app. You can easily add two different accounts in one telegram app instead of using clone WhatsApp just for another number.

Many Customization Options:

If we compare telegram with WhatsApp then you get a lot more customization options in telegram. If we just go to Settings options, here we can find tons of different customization options, like you can change the chat backgrounds, choose different themes, change the font color, accent color, and even you can change the entire chat layout as well. So, you will definitely love using telegram if you love customization.

Most Number of Members:

In WhatsApp, you can only add up to 256 members in one group but if you create any group in telegram you can add up to 200,000 members. This is just insane! You can add any number of people to your telegram group without any limitations or restrictions.


So that is pretty much it. These are 7 important reasons, why you should consider telegram over WhatsApp. Well we know most people use WhatsApp and it will be really difficult for you to use telegram when your friends are using WhatsApp but what we will recommend is just share this blog with your friends and suggest them to try telegram since it offers a lot more features than WhatsApp.

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