WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update 2021 – Experts Opinion


WhatsApp is a platform of communication that is the most popular worldwide application among users. This platform was secured for users till 2020 but now WhatsApp has updated its new privacy policy in 2021 that is connected with Facebook to store and manage WhatsApp data.

WhatsApp new privacy policy update 2021 - TelegramGroups

This policy is forced till the 8th of February users have to agree on those requirements. After that, you will not use WhatsApp, which is clearly explained in the new privacy policy. This new policy allows WhatsApp to share user’s information with third-party businesses on the platform. This policy is updated on the base to provide security services to forward and receive business. For all these services Facebook is committed to providing help for user’s communication and data security.

Is it safe or not?

The messages sent through WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. It states that this information stays between sender and receiver only they can decode it. But this new policy describes the third party Facebook interruption. WhatsApp new privacy policy is threatening users rather it is trustworthy or not? No doubt safety is first priority for everyone. But this new policy is very surprising for users they’re now doubtful to use it.

Data WhatsApp Collects

More than two billion people are using this application nowadays but will you compromise with those privacy terms? Would you like to accept these terms? Do you want a third party’s interruption? Is it acceptable for users? But there is another option for users to find a secure platform for their communications.

Alternative Applications of WhatsApp:

There is an Alternative Application for users to seek out the choice applications of WhatsApp that aren’t accepting new policy terms. Many users on Twitter are coaxing each other into getting off WhatsApp and making a shift to other encrypted messengers. So, the simplest alternative applications of WhatsApp are ‘’Telegram’’ and ‘’Signal’’ which is top trending worldwide.

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